Ambassador Admissions: Shawn Hauffen

Our “Ambassador Admissions” Series on our YouTube channel gives you an inside look into our lives @uscannenberg and on campus!

In this week’s edition of ‘Ambassador Admissions’, meet infomercial star Shawn Hauffen as he walks through his day working at the USC Annenberg Admissions Office and the LA Dodgers. Just like Jonathan’s video last week, Shawn’s may give you a few chuckles. Meet the superstar intern below!


Shawn Hauffen

Major: Communication
Hometown: West Covina, CA
Graduation Year: 2018
Shawn is sophomore in Annenberg who hopes to pursue a profession in the sports industry. During his time at USC, Shawn has interned with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and been involved in the Annenberg Latino Student Association. Before coming to USC he gained internship experience at Merrill Lynch, the Office of State Senator Hernandez and at the Los Angeles Superior Courts.

It’s Shawn’s turn to razzle and dazzle you on the Ambassador Instagram this week so get those double-taps ready!

-The Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors

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