Why the Dodgers Took a Chance on a Freshman

Blindly submitting an internship application on a company’s website can feel like tossing it into a black hole. This is discouraging when you consider the possibility that an employer may never come across your resume. However, as an Annenberg student, I found that landing an internship is a real possibility (even a likelihood) because the ASCJ Career Dev team is hard at work, discovering real opportunities for their students and building intimate relationships with popular companies!

Last year around this time, Annenberg’s Career Development Office sent me their Daily Jobs & Internships Email, which featured an exclusive opening with the Dodgers. I submitted my resume and cover letter, and was later invited to interview at DODGER STADIUM! My group interview was quite nerve racking as I sat aside other candidates for the job. However, my strategy was to be authentic and demonstrate an eagerness to work for this iconic organization. I was eventually invited for a second round interview, except this time with the Executive Director of the Dodgers Foundation. Later that same day, I received one of the best calls of my life. I got the job!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.37.23 PM

Organizations and companies like the Dodgers, CBS, Huffington Post, Edelman and Rogers & Cowan have shared that they reach out to our Career department because they believe in the capabilities of Annenberg students and know what to expect when we come in to intern or work. I’m proud to be a part of an awesome tradition of providing ASCJ students with practical work experience. I was always hopeful that Annenberg would put me in a position to land an internship, but never did I imagine that I would have the opportunity to intern for my dream company so soon in my college career.

Good things come to those who read the daily Annenberg emails.

Shawn Hauffen, Your Admissions Ambassador

Ambassador Admissions: Shawn Hauffen

Our “Ambassador Admissions” Series on our YouTube channel gives you an inside look into our lives @uscannenberg and on campus!

In this week’s edition of ‘Ambassador Admissions’, meet infomercial star Shawn Hauffen as he walks through his day working at the USC Annenberg Admissions Office and the LA Dodgers. Just like Jonathan’s video last week, Shawn’s may give you a few chuckles. Meet the superstar intern below!


Shawn Hauffen

Major: Communication
Hometown: West Covina, CA
Graduation Year: 2018
Shawn is sophomore in Annenberg who hopes to pursue a profession in the sports industry. During his time at USC, Shawn has interned with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and been involved in the Annenberg Latino Student Association. Before coming to USC he gained internship experience at Merrill Lynch, the Office of State Senator Hernandez and at the Los Angeles Superior Courts.

It’s Shawn’s turn to razzle and dazzle you on the Ambassador Instagram this week so get those double-taps ready!

-The Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors

An Ambassador Lost in Asia

Every underclassmen has heard it at least once: “You have to go abroad.” The declaration is usually followed by long-winded stories of getting lost on a train somewhere in Europe and eating a local delicacy that turned out to be pig’s brains. Allow me to explain why studying abroad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was the best decision I made during my time at USC.

U of HK

On January 1st, 2015, I rang in the new year by boarding a 16-hour flight from JFK International Airport in my hometown of New York to a foreign and unknown land: Hong Kong. I had no idea what was to come over the following four months, but boy was I excited. Upon landing, I was immediately confused. Nobody at the airport spoke English. My cell phone didn’t work (Every COMM student’s nightmare). I couldn’t find my USC greeting party. These would be the first of many situations in which I was taken out of my comfort zone and, looking back on it, I couldn’t be more grateful for them. Learning how to thrive in an uncomfortable environment has prepared me to build better relationships, overcome ambiguity at various internships, and chase success in my academic endeavors.


One particular experience that sticks with me was walking through the jungle in Vietnam: Our guide spotted a large, beautiful snake on ground and put it around his neck. He insisted that the snake was friendly, and offered to put it around our necks also. I was very hesitant as a fear of snakes runs in my family line, but after some convincing, I put the creature right on my shoulders and even managed to crack a smile!

While this kind of personal growth is possible in a number of regions in the world, Asia has the added benefits of being fun and accessible. During my time abroad, in addition to adventuring within the amazing city of Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to travel to China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, and Japan. All of these countries are relatively close to one another and it’s always easy to find cheap flights. You’ll get to experience new cuisines, ways of life, and some of the friendliest people on the planet.

If you (somehow!) have any doubts about studying abroad, just want to discuss details of the experience, or have any other questions about USC, I am always available at [email protected] 再见

Jonathan Delman, Your Admissions Ambassador

Ambassador Admissions: Jonathan Delman

Our new “Ambassador Admissions” Series on our YouTube channel provides you with an inside look into our lives@uscannenberg and on campus!

In this week’s edition of ‘Ambassador Admissions’, meet an unusually chipper senior student, Jonathan Delman, and find out what has kept him so excited about being an undergrad at USC Annenberg.
We warn you: It’s funny.

Jonathan Delman

Major: Communication
Hometown: Old Westbury, NY
Graduation Year: 2016
Jonathan plans on going to law school to become a litigator. He has interned with Live Nation Entertainment as well as Superfly, which owns Outside Lands and Bonnaroo. He also does experiential marketing for companies like JetBlue, Yahoo! and Pabst Blue Ribbon. He helps to manage a band called The California Honeydrops and is a co-founder of Kamala Trunks, a men’s swimwear line he created with his Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity brothers. Ask him about his study abroad in Hong Kong this past summer!
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Keep your eyes on the Ambassador Instagram this week because Jonathan will have the reigns! Did we get a laugh out of you with this one? Tell us in the comments below!

-The Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors

Stacy Smith Is Not Your Average Professor

Class starts at 12:00. She enters at 11:59:25 with a coffee in one hand, blazer sleeves rolled, glasses perfectly askew and staple hoops shimmering. With an anecdote about a candid phone conversation with a high-profile media outlet or a funny, animal-centered YouTube video, she’s off. Inexplicably, Stacy (That’s what she’ll ask you to call her. She’ll learn your name and you’ll learn hers) is knee-deep in a presentation of her team’s research by 12:04. Your pen furiously  scribbles across the page as Stacy, with her collar popped, insists that evidence for her arguments are “in the research.” Invested in the lecture, you fail to note that 200 of your peers are now looking at you in the back row as Stacy Smith, from 70 feet away, has briefly paused her lecture to inquire about your new haircut.


Quirky. Witty. Powerful. These words best describe the USC Annenberg faculty member and proud director of the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative. Here at Annenberg, we have the benefit of learning from faculty who are extremely active in their fields – Stacy Smith is no exception. Recently named the Most Influential Person In Los Angeles by LA Weekly, Stacy jets in and out of classrooms and conference rooms to deliver actionable insight on gender disparity and representational inequality in Hollywood, as prepared by her friendly colleagues Marc Choueiti and Dr. Katherine Pieper and a league of student research assistants.

(2014) From Inequality in 700 Popular Films ( full report ) Annual report on gender, race/ethnicity, and LGBT status in film. Includes data on representation, hypersexualization, and employment patterns in popular films (2007-2014, excluding 2011).

2014) From Inequality in 700 Popular Films ( full report ) Annual report on gender, race/ethnicity, and LGBT status in film. Includes data on representation, hypersexualization, and employment patterns in popular films (2007-2014, excluding 2011)

And she draws renowned guests to our school: Next week, the Creator of How to Get Away With Murder, Director of LA Film Festival and Head of Production at STX Entertainment will join her for her presentation of new, cutting-edge research!

The Annenberg Ambassadors will be there to hear about the inaugural USC Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity (CARD). According to our trailblazing professor, “the study examines media content across film, television and digital platforms and ranks companies based on their performance.” We can’t wait to see how our favorite studios measure up!


Will you be there? Let us know!

Joy Ofodu, Your Annenberg Admissions Ambassador