Ambassador Admissions: Joy Ofodu

Our new “Ambassador Admissions” Series on our YouTube channel provides you with an inside look into our lives @uscannenberg and on campus!

In this week’s edition of ‘Ambassador Admissions’, learn why Joy Ofodu is so passionate about representation, research and Hollywood access! Get to know her below!

Joy Ofodu

Major: Communication
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Graduation Year: 2018
Joy is a fiend for entertainment, social media and publicity; she manages the accounts of the Annenberg Ambassadors, African American Cinema Society and Annenberg Black Student Association. You might find her researching film and television at the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative or interning in Annenberg Admissions. She held an unforgettable, fast-paced marketing internship position at thredUP in San Francisco this summer and she continues to work for the company remotely. As a professional photographer, Joy is nothing without her DSLR.
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-The Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors

Annenberg’s New JEDI Desk: A Journalism Force Awakens

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, check out a video done by two Annenberg students of the JEDI unit that went viral! The video has garnered more than 15 million views and counting on Facebook.

What I love about Annenberg is that not only do I get to learn from industry leaders through adjunct professors who stay on the pulse of their industries, but I love how we, as students, get to be a part of these conversations.


Through the new JEDI unit, student voices have translated directly into dynamic, actionable programs. Although I’d like to say that the name was inspired by the new Star Wars movie, it’s actually an acronym for Journalism and Emerging Digital Innovation. 


This unit was the brain-child of Annenberg alumnus Fernando Hurtado and works in conjunction with JOUR 499: Journalism for Mobile and Emerging Platforms, a class taught by instructors Amara Aguilar and Rebecca Haggerty. Students and volunteers for the JEDI unit focus on creating shareable video content for social media and other emerging platforms.


“What JEDI is aiming to do is answer the question ‘How do you get your news?’ by saying: ‘We want you to get highly produced content available on your phone [and] the web,'” says Kevin McAllister, executive producer of the JEDI unit. “It’s multimedia content–videos, pictures–that will share well and resonate with the audience.”


As a journalism student, I’ve experienced how the world of journalism has seen a dramatic change from the way audiences consume news and information. There was a time when radio used to be the primary outlet source that consumers received their news. However, nowadays, with many of our technological advancements, living in a time when everyone is pressed for time and wants information “now,” there’s a lot of emphasis in the journalism world on mobile and social media content.


photo 5 (2)


What’s really cool about the JEDI unit is that we, as Annenberg students, get to place ourselves into the journalism conversation of the changing media landscape. As industry leaders are trying to figure out how to best engage audience members, we get to do that, too! We get to create and experiment using all the tools in the Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center to create compelling content and experiment with different models that engage and excites.


To learn more about your future at Annenberg, or to learn more about the JEDI unit and JOUR 499: Journalism for Mobile and Emerging Platforms, feel free to reach out to an Annenberg Ambassador!


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Michelle Tak, Your Annenberg Admissions Ambassador

Ambassador Admissions: Michelle Tak

Our new “Ambassador Admissions” Series on our YouTube channel provides you with an inside look into our lives @uscannenberg and on campus!

In this week’s edition of ‘Ambassador Admissions’, follow Michelle Tak around our state-of-the-art Wallis Annenberg Hall! Get to know Michelle below!

Michelle Tak

Major: Broadcast and Digital Journalism
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Graduation Year: 2016
Michelle is a senior at Annenberg who has a strong passion for storytelling. She has been an active member at Annenberg TV News and has served various positions there. Currently, Michelle serves as an Art Director for the station. She has also written for Neon Tommy and is a Multimedia Editor at The Daily Trojan. Off campus, Michelle has interned for E! Online, Krupp Group PR, Quintessentially & Co. in London, and she has worked as a Collegiate Correspondent for USA TODAY College. For the Fall 2015 semester, Michelle is a News Intern for KNBC. After graduation, Michelle hopes to pursue a career as a reporter and a producer.
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-The Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors

Hands-On at USC Annenberg

“Oh SoojI! There was a fire in Glassell Park last night. Can you go grab some b-roll? Hey Sooj! Can you go grab a few student reactions about the increase in textbook prices? Sooji, I need you to go to UCLA for the LA 2024 Olympic Games Venues press conference. ”


I’m given a mission each time I sign into my Media Center shift every Monday at 10 A.M. One of the perks of being a student journalist is that you’ll never know what adventure you’ll embark on during your shift. As I walk through the double doors of the Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center, I always pause and wonder how my work will make an impact on the media content produced that day.


My favorite Annenberg Advantage is the hands-on opportunity that all digital journalists have at USC. My executive producer sends me around town to complete stories on press conferences and events and I’m charged with shooting b-roll, grabbing a few interviews and editing my work into a package for Annenberg Media.I get assigned to a story with a tripod in one hand and a camera kit in the other. These days, working journalists are sent to cover events by themselves and I’m so grateful to have that experience as a full-time student.


A few weeks ago, I was assigned to attend a UCLA press conference in which Mayor Eric Garcetti was to announce the potential venues for the LA 2024 Olympic Games. I got lost a few times, driving to UCLA while trying to conquer infamous LA traffic. Moreover, it was tough to go incognito on our rival’s campus. As I set-up my equipment amongst prominent journalists from the LA Times, KTLA News, and KBS News, I was so honored to be on the same mission in the same room. As Mayor Eric Garcetti and successful Olympians stood a few steps away from me, I was at a loss for words.


Being at the press conference was such a humbling experience. I am so grateful for the opportunities Annenberg has provided me in my journalism career. The Annenberg Advantage is real and it’s insane to think that I’ll have the chance to do this in the real world in a few years! This is just the beginning of it all.

-Ambassador Sooji

You can see Sooji’s Ambassador Admissions Video HERE!

Ambassador Admissions: Sooji Nam

Our new “Ambassador Admissions” Series on our YouTube channel will provide an inside look into our lives @uscannenberg and on campus!


Get to know Sooji in the first part of our weekly ‘Ambassador Admissions’ series, and read more about her below!


Sooji Nam

Major: Broadcast and Digital Journalism and International Relations

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Graduation Year: 2018


Sooji is a sophomore at Annenberg, working as a Multimedia Journalist for Neon Tommy and Annenberg TV News. She is the senior producer for Balance TV Show and the broadcast producer for [email protected] and Platforum at Trojan Vision Television Network. She is also a Coca-Cola Student Ambassador on campus. Her previous internships include working as a KCET television production intern, UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative intern, and Los Angeles City Hall intern for 3rd District Councilmember Bob Blumenfield. In the future, she hopes to report abroad in different languages and learn more about different cultures.


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-The Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors